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Mutual Funds Analyst


Standard job description

Working to devise investment strategies for a mutual fund's portfolio.


A research analyst must possess excellent analytic skills - should be able to collate data, derive inferences and initiate corrective actions. He/she should be process/ task focused. He/she must be able to generating numerical information from sources such as internet, published material and present financial data in an understandable manner.

He/she should possess the mental capacity to work long hours with numerical data.


A mutual analyst performs data analysis to identify target industries and analyzes a given industry e.g. growth rates, global trends, industry drivers, etc. He/she tracks debt market trends, mutual fund manager's performance. 

He/she takes care of account Intelligence for existing customers and makes market opportunity assessment.

Interacting with fund managers. He/she also prepares sector reports, reports on other mutual funds and new offerings.

Educational Qualifications

Most mutual funds typically look for individuals with qualification of MBA, CA or post-graduate degree in finance/management for this position.

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