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Sales Executive

Standard job description

Charge of new business development in a bank, monitoring investment accounts sold to clients, selling and managing a large number of client accounts.


A sales executive should have thorough knowledge of the products and services of the bank and be able to demonstrate them to clients. He/she must be good at persuading others to change their minds or behavior. He/she must also be able to gauge others' reactions and understand why they react as they do.

They must be hard working and have physical stamina as there may be a lot of legwork involved!


A sales executive is expected to coordinate sales guidelines and standards across departments. He/she must be focused on generating sales ideas and content and meet targets. He/she would also have to work with the advertising departments, websites etc. Apart from these he/she also has the responsibility of making competitive analysis reports, organizing mail campaigns, sending business and news updates to clients and customers. He/she may also have to manage online promotions and update customers of the latest promotional offers.

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in marketing, business administration, communications studies or a related field is what it takes to secure the position of a sales executive but many private banks increasingly prefer MBA graduates.

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